Rigel – your guiding star at sea

Since its founding in 1990, the RIGEL group has quickly achieved an outstanding reputation. For good reason the black letter R on the white star has turned in a short time into a worldwide symbol of quality and reliability. Charterers and investors have personally experienced in joint projects that it pays to rely on RIGEL. They are aware of the fleet’s excellent qualities and first-class qualification of sea-based and shore-based personnel as well as our paramount concern as operator of chemical/oil tankers: Safety of people and no harm to the environment. RIGEL therefore lives a company philosophy, where taking responsibility for this biosphere is of utmost importance. It is not least our consistency in all aspects of safety that has turned us into a preferred partner. In this sense we would like to remain YOUR GUIDING STAR AT SEA – today and for the future.

Our name patron is Rigel, brightest star in the Orion constellation. This giant star shines about 62,000 times more intensely than the sun and is the most luminous star in our region of the Milky Way.